I am by no means a professional photographer. I’m more of a self-taught wanna-be. As a girl I wandered around my neighborhood with one of those disposable cameras, trespassing on our neighbors’ lawns to take pictures of their flowers. Once I filled the roll, I’d run home and beg my mom to have the pictures developed. Waiting at least a week for my master pieces to be developed seemed like ages. Most of the time my finger would cover a corner, or the flower was blurry.

A joy of my role is getting to capture the camping experience through pictures and videos. Over the years, my eye for the right frame has been sharpened and I no longer have blurry fingers on the edges of photos. I know just enough about photography to be dangerous, but it is a skill that brings so much joy. Thanks to modern technology friends and family can see what goes on at camp the day it happens. After snapping a photo, I can immediately show the campers their smiling faces. If a shot doesn’t turn out quite like I like it, then I can take as many more as I want until the frame is just right. Results are immediate and there is a chance for do-overs in this digital age.

What a gift it is that I get to capture a piece of God’s beauty in the smiling faces of campers. Capturing the moments around the campfire, competing on the sports field, or raising a sail forever reflect God’s beauty. In this fast-paced life, it is a struggle to go slowly and notice God’s beauty. As I flip through the photos from this summer I am again reminded to thank God for the memories made at camp and the beauty that surrounds us.

-By Lizzy Rice
Program Coordinator