Last week’s 11/25 Sunday sermon was on giving thanks; not only for the good things we receive, but even for those things we appreciate less. This is my prayer of praise for oak trees.

Father, thank you for the majestic oak trees.
They stand tall, royal, solid, splendid, beautiful.
Yet your power is far greater than these.
During the hurricane, Lord, even the oak tumbled.
For those still standing, now stark and bare,
Their leaves, like snow flakes, never two alike,
Have now fallen with randem discord.

Thank you, Father, for strength to rake and collect
these leaves. Thank you for the good weather to
finish before the first snow fall.
Thank you for all the willing helpers.
I remember the song beginning
‘give thanks with a grateful heart’,
And Father, I do thank Thee for the oak trees.
Yet, Father, I beseech, Thee;
Next year, just a few less leaves!!!

-John Bennett, Property Manager

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