Sharing together

Discovery Camp Christian Formation

A few weeks ago we shared the prayers of the people from Adventure Camp with the Collect written by the Leader’s in Training. This week we would like to share the Prayers of the People written by our Discovery Campers and the Collect written by the LITs for the Closing Eucharist of Discovery Camp 2016. We would encourage Priests and other leaders of worship to use all or part of this in their own Sunday Eucharist liturgy. We would also encourage each person who reads this to take some time and pray these prayers with the openness

and earnestness with which they were written.

Prayers of the People

Priest:  Let us pray for all that God has created – the Church, the world, and all of us.

Reader:   Heavenly Father, we pray that everyone in our Church and Camp Community may be strengthened in the love and Grace of Jesus Christ as long as they live.

Everyone:     Brother Jesus, thank You for the Church


Reader:   Gracious God, we pray for the United States of America, for President Barack Obama and all government officials who work to keep us safe.

Everyone:    Lord Jesus, lead us and guide us.


Reader:   We pray for all those who are affected by war around the world, that they may feel God’s presence and healing love in their lives.

Everyone:  Prince of Peace, help us to love one another.


Reader:  We pray for camps around the world, especially our Camp DeWolfe , and other Episcopal camps in the United States, Camp Bratton Green, Camp MacDowell, and Camp Allen. That their summer camp ministry may be ones that brings campers closer to God and makes Jesus present in their life.

Everyone:    Jesus of Nazareth, be our neighbor, too.


Reader:  We pray for healing and treatment for those who are sick, for faith in Christ for those who seek Him, and for Christ’s presence in the lives of those who are troubled.

Everyone:    Jesus, our loving brother, be with us always.


Reader:        We pray for all those who have died and for their families who are                 suffering. May they be welcomed into heaven in God’s loving embrace.

Everyone:    Jesus, our Savior, You bring us home to God.

The priest continues with a Collect.

Discovery Camp LIT’s Collect

Gracious God, we pray for the strength to forgive, the courage to love, and the ability trust. Within our camp community, we ask for lasting friendships, unity, and unconditional love even when others do us wrong. As we leave this camp community, we pray that the things we’ve learned we will show in our communities back home; that we will be the helpers in this lost world and will be leaders who show the love, mercy, and grace that reflect Jesus Christ our Lord in the world.