Good news #1: Camp DeWolfe has a new entrance sign… this is one of many much needed improvements… the new sign is larger (3 feet by 5 feet, rather than 1 foot by 1 foot), more visible from both directions on Northside Road, is at eye-level for cars, buses and people on foot, and includes the postal address, so that deliveries can be made more successfully.Good news #2: Camp DeWolfe’s former sign is now available by Silent Auction to anyone who would like this memorabilia! We value and honor the successes of the seasons past, and hope that any supporters, former staff, alumni, guests, parishioners, or families might be interested in this item of history! The highest silent bidder by November 1st 2011 will be the new owner of the former ‘DeWolfe Center’ sign!Donations can be made online at the Camp DeWolfe Website today and we welcome all interested in the sign to donate! Alternatively, you can email a pledge if you would rather hold off and see if you are the highest bidder. Simply, email your ‘donation bid’ (a price you would like to pay for the former sign) with your name, address, phone number and how you are connected with Camp DeWolfe, asap to…. The winning donation must be made on November 1st 2011 (Checks to ‘Camp DeWolfe’ or Donate online) to take home the special sign.Here is the former sign available by Silent Auction:“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)