1. Name
Richkisha Walcott

2. From?
Jamaica, Queens

3 School Attending?
Hofstra University

4 Position on Staff?
Camp Counselor

5. Most Excited about for this Summer?
I’m most excited to see how the youth and counselors can come together and bond as a community of Christian faith.

6. Favorite Camp Core Value and Why?
Empowering Leaders: because everyone has a chance to become one. People just need the right environment, opportunities & a little nudge in the right direction, which is exactly what CDW provides for youths.

7. Favorite Camp Activity and Why?
Roasting Marshmallows by the campfire and making s’mores. This activity is all-inclusive and allows people to bond over sweet & tasty treats and make great memories.

8. Favorite Parable?
Parable of the Good Samaritan

9. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Catching up on TV shows I missed during the week.