1. Name?
Solomon Allison

2. From?
Los Angeles, CA

3. Position on Staff?
Camp Counselor

4. Most excited about for this summer?
This summer I am definitely most excited about watching the youth I’m blessed to work with grow and unfold. 

5. Favorite Camp DeWolfe Core Value and Why?
Natural setting – because the idea and experience of engaging with God in nature is very important. There is so much magnificence that exists and occurs naturally within nature and the energy that it puts out. Many times we miss these natural cycles because of the power of the technology we have access to. So I’m excited to get more in tune with nature through God and vice-versa, by way of less technology. 

6. Favorite camp activity and why?
Arts and Crafts because I’m one of those artsy types. I love to see others create – I’m sure I’ll see some kids put something together that’s ten times better than what I might make, and to me that’s exciting. 

7. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Most definitely crafting instrumentals and cooking.