Summer Staff Bio 2018 – Tyler Roberts

Posted on Apr 29, 2018

1. Name?
Tyler Roberts

2. From?
Texas originally, then California

3. School Attending?
Hazelip School of Theology, Lipsomb University

4. Position on Staff?
Christian Formation/LIT Director

5. Most excited about for this summer?
I am excited to be in God’s creation in God’s community sharing the message of Christ with campers! I can’t wait to see how the Spirit guides us to encourage and challenge campers in their faith. 

6. Favorite Camp DeWolfe Core Value and Why?
That’s a hard one! I like them all! My favorite would have to be purposeful community, I believe God has blessed us with a church/community for a reason: to support each other. The community that is built at camp is like none other and helps us to grow as a community but as individuals as well. 

7. Favorite camp activity and why?
My favorite camp activity is hiking and just spending time outdoors. I love experiencing God’s creation! I also like sports and the many team building games that we play at camp!

8. Favorite parable?
My favorite parable is the “Parable of the Hidden Treasure”. I like this parable because it reminds me that anything is worth sacrificing to serve God. 

9. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Take a hike or go for a drive, enjoy some tacos, play some sports, or spend time in fellowship. Bonus points if you can do all of those!