1. Name?
Tyler Roberts

2. From?
Texas originally, then California

3. School Attending?
Hazelip School of Theology, Lipsomb University

4. Position on Staff?
Christian Formation/LIT Director

5. Most excited about for this summer?
I am excited to be in God’s creation in God’s community sharing the message of Christ with campers! I can’t wait to see how the Spirit guides us to encourage and challenge campers in their faith. 

6. Favorite Camp DeWolfe Core Value and Why?
That’s a hard one! I like them all! My favorite would have to be purposeful community, I believe God has blessed us with a church/community for a reason: to support each other. The community that is built at camp is like none other and helps us to grow as a community but as individuals as well. 

7. Favorite camp activity and why?
My favorite camp activity is hiking and just spending time outdoors. I love experiencing God’s creation! I also like sports and the many team building games that we play at camp!

8. Favorite parable?
My favorite parable is the “Parable of the Hidden Treasure”. I like this parable because it reminds me that anything is worth sacrificing to serve God. 

9. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Take a hike or go for a drive, enjoy some tacos, play some sports, or spend time in fellowship. Bonus points if you can do all of those!