1. Name
    Adam Xiong
  2. From?
    California, Orange County
  3. School attending?
    Nyack College
  4. Position on staff?
    Camp counselor
  5. Most excited about For this summer?
    Seeing the Kids and teaching them about sports safety.
  6. Favorite Camp core Value and Why?
    I believe in more of a natural setting and being in the outdoors. The reason why is because i love nature and i love being on the outside of things. Also, i loving seeing what God has made it never seems to amazes me how beautiful he made the earth for us. I also like photography and because of this, it also makes it easy to bring up the conversation of God and the power of God.
  7. Favorite Camp activity and Why?
    Sports because I am a coach and grew up on sports.
  8. Favorite parable?
    Parable of the talents
  9. Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?