Danielle with her Archery Award Winners

Before I came to camp, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what it would be like, or if I would enjoy it, but I can easily say that I have had the best summer ever!

I have developed strong friendships with people that I might never have spoken to if it wasn’t for camp, and I hope that we will remain friends for life.

Whilst being a counselor has its challenges, it is definitely worth it to see the campers grow each and every day, whether it is in their faith, trust or leadership. Seeing a camper go from not wanting to participate in Christian Formation on the first day, to visibly enjoying it by the end of the week was just one of the moments that made me proud to be a counselor at Camp DeWolfe.

The beautiful scenery that surrounds camp is a sight that I will never forget – especially watching the sunset over the Sound. I have loved spending the summer here, and I will always cherish the experience.