Perhaps the most painless way to give to a cause you support is by doing so through your normal daily tasks and purchases. Amazon Smile is a program by which you support Camp DeWolfe simply by purchasing the things you were going to buy from Amazon anyway! By going to (rather than you will be letting Amazon know that you want them to donate part of the value of your purchase to the charitable organization of your choice. You browse the same inventory on the same web store, the only difference is that you have a “smile” while you shop and the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate to Camp DeWolfe!

To set Camp DeWolfe as your Amazon Smile charity of choice all you need to do is click this link (, sign in if you are not yet signed in, and confirm that you want us to be your charity! Then just make sure that you are always purchasing from “” and not just “”

Thank you in advance for using this simple method of supporting the ministry of Camp DeWolfe. We are grateful to you for selecting us as your charity, and we are grateful to the Amazon Smile Foundation for offering such a neat way for each of us to support the nonprofits we love!