Read the title to any camper and they will probably start singing a silly song and doing some silly motions. Swim time is not only my favorite part of camp but also campers’ as well. We spend time everyday on the water front and in our swimming pool playing, learning, and just having fun! It is hard not to have fun in the pool.

Part of my job is teaching campers to become better swimmers. I grew up going to swim lessons and have always been comfortable in water, however never imagined I would be teaching others to swim. Each day in class we work on breathing, kicking, and stroking as we grow in our swimming ability—myself included. Watching kids of all ages go from barely putting their faces in the water to being able to do the front stroke across the pool has become the highlight of my summer. I am so proud of each of those campers.

I am reminded me of our theme verse this summer about bearing good fruit every day as I watch the campers in the pool. I think God might feel the same exciting pride when God sees the growth and transformation that happens in our lives. When we choose kind words over hateful rhetoric. When we choose to share rather than selfishness. When we choose patience over anger. In these moments when we choose to show the love of Christ, God says to each of us, “I am proud of you.”

Lizzy Rice

Program Coordinator