During the summer, we had the opportunity to take lots of risks. As I learnt throughout the summer, taking these risks nearly always led to growth in either one’s faith, personal development or friendship with another counselor or camper. This was proven throughout my time at Camp DeWolfe.

The most obvious example of this was when I took the risk of traveling the 3,000 mile journey to America to become a counselor at Camp DeWolfe. Taking up the position of counselor sparked so many other chances to take risks, which would develop me as a person. So even though I was anxious before coming out to camp, I didn’t need to worry because along the way there was always support in my fellow counselors, unit leaders or in God. Sometimes it is important to take a leap out of your comfort zone.

Doing the challenge course for the summer, I saw the exact same situation happen on the high ropes course, most obviously with the ‘leap of faith’. Some of the children were naturally nervous however as they stepped out of their comfort zones, they were rewarded with a fun experience and a gain in confidence. As we can see from this metaphor, sometimes it is hard to break the mold of our comfortable daily routines and do something abnormal. But if we take the risk then we will gain a skill we hadn’t had before.

Juxtaposed the common belief, doing something out of norm can be rewarding and not petrifying. Camp DeWolfe has therefore taught me that I should take any risk that comes my way because that opportunity will not only lead to personal growth but also the chance to have fun doing it!

By Andrew Potterton

Summer Camp Counselor

Climbling Group

Climbling Group