The Adventure Begins……

I am always surprised by the places God takes me. This summer, I have been invited into the Camp DeWolfe community to co-direct Christian Formation. As a seminary graduate discerning my vocational path, I couldn’t believe this job existed. While the position should have been filled months ago, a week before camp began they had an unexpected opening, I interviewed, was hired, and my journey began.

Arriving at Camp DeWolfe is entering into an oasis. My taxi wound through the surrounding neighborhood, burrowed in trees that shade stately houses. As we approached the campground my eye caught sight of the familiar Episcopal signet on the sign, and we drove up the path lined with a large grass lawn to the left, dappled with crisp sunlight, and little red chapel to my right. My heart got a thrill thinking of all the services I would lead in that space, and wondering what God had in store.

Bensen House is my home for the summer, nestled against the Sound and facing Connecticut. From the water I can see its red wood planks peaking out on the hillside through trees. My co-leader and I will share this space with the visiting Priests from the Diocese, giving us ample opportunity for hospitality and getting to hear their unique stories.

The past two weeks have been focused on staff training, bringing together our group of eclectic counselors and unit leaders to become a strong unified community. We have engaged in team building games, certifications and trainings, outdoor sports, eating meals together, making goals and a community covenant, and for some even eating their first s’mores around a bonfire. As a native Californian I was particularly pleased to be part of introducing this camp tradition!

As we conclude our training at the end of this week and await the campers, I can’t believe how far we have already come. Geographically, we have crossed oceans, continents, and coasts to be here. As a group, we have been shaped into a community built on trust, vulnerability, taking risks, and serving.

One of our first evenings together we had the chance to hear from a local Franciscan Friar, Brother Mark, on “listening to the heartbeat of God.” It is my hope that as we continue through the summer we would hear God’s heart beating in this community, transforming staff alongside campers, equipping us each for our great life adventures.

Beautiful Sunset from The Benson House porch

Beautiful Sunset from The Benson House porch

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