As I now walk through a cabin to check that it is clean, each bunk has a memory attached to it – of a counselor, camper, project, conversation, laughter.  I now know what Godly conversations, blessed fun, and realistic learning is capable of being facilitated by these cabins.

Previously, when Matt and Emma walked me through, I could sense their excitement about the new renovations, but didn’t quite grasp the anticipation of what these new floors could hold. To me, it was just empty, and pretty, space. But now that space means that a cabin group can do devotions in a circle, a counselor can discuss God with a confused camper, or a group of girls can squeeze on a top bunk to do n art project.

I am so blessed to have been able to witness these things this summer at Camp DeWolfe; to now know and remember the good work that God does through this camp that is focused on bringing ordinary people together in ordinary daily camp life to create space and community for encountering Him. Thank you Camp DeWolfe!

By Karen Bartos,

Summer Program Coordinator

Karen and Alex

Karen and Alex