I experienced God’s spirit numerous times whilst at Camp DeWolfe. I found that the spirit created by the Camp DeWolfe community continuously made me feel like I belonged and I was bought to camp for a reason. During chapel, we would all sing together and listen to readings from the bible and it really enlightened me and made me feel close to God.

Constantly being surrounded by nature really impacted my spiritual experience also as I felt myself continually thanking God for all that has been created in our world. Walking down the beach trail always gave me butterflies because the scenery was so breathtaking. Also, having so much fun outdoors reminded me of being a young child myself and made me feel youthful, active and naive all over again which was a really refreshing experience compared to working and studying at home.

One of the highlights of the summer has to be meeting so many amazing people- staff and children. I’ve definitely made friendships that I never intend to loose and I can’t wait to be able to see them again. Another highlight has to be physically seeing the children learn and grow spiritually; there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a child who may be suffering from various problems at home or school laugh, learn and be made thankful for everything they have been given.

Although at first I was reluctant to be separated from my phone and the outside world, I have to say it had a massive impact on my experience at camp because I was fully focused on having fun and living in the beautiful place and moment I was in: Camp life is amazing and being involved in it fully was an epic experience and adventure for me. I feel like I’m going to go home a new person who never wants to sit inside and go on facebook, but who instead wants to go have fun outside in the beautiful nature that is around us: just like how I was as a child.

Camp has been an unbelievable experience that I’m never going to forget and I just hope everyone has the opportunity to experience a summer like the one I’ve had!

-By Katie Bennett

Camp Counselor/Lifeguard/Volleyball Coach/Camp America Staff

Building community

Building community