Hello! I’m Peter and I have flown all the way from London to be at Camp DeWolfe this year! The last 8 weeks have been packed with new challenges, new friends and lots of fun!

From the very beginning of Camp I have been amazed by the beautiful and unique surroundings of Camp, from the woods of the challenge course to the glorious ocean views. I have sailed into the sunset, traversed a 40ft high ropes course and hit many a bulls-eye at Camp – what more could you want as a counsellor? Although the highlight for me has to be the colour wars at Adventure Camp: a weekend of intense competition, fun and thrills from gaga tournaments and sail boat regattas, to making flags and screaming out songs!

Camp DeWolfe sees the development of spirituality through natural setting and a community who express Christ outwardly and this is evident in every aspect of Camp: working, interacting and overcoming obstacles with one another has produced a lot of friends who I’ll never forget! I love how our campers come from many different backgrounds, speak different languages and hold different values but embrace the vision of Camp DeWolfe.

And none of this can be done without the amazing network of staff at Camp DeWolfe who love God and love working with children – who will do anything to make their summer the best experience of their life!

-Peter Greenlaw

Camp Counselor/Climbing Instructor/Camp America Staff

Pete taking a break

Pete taking a break