It’s the first day of school, 31 children in my class and lots of shy faces. Throughout the day I asked them, “How was your summer? What did you do?” I can only imagine how our campers will respond to this question.

            Our campers had so many opportunities to bond with each other and bond with God through the pure beauty found on the grounds of Camp DeWolfe. Each day at camp I woke feeling fresh. I knew each day was a new day to bring smiles and happiness to the campers and my co counselors.

 I was known at camp for my singing (which isn’t good, at all, in any way). I sang loud in the morning to wake my cabin up, I sang loud at Christian formation to motivate the campers during worship, and I even sang loud with my co-counselors just for fun. Those small snippets of bliss found in singing even when we didn’t know the words are my most treasured memories while at camp. Singing was my go-to icebreaker; singing was my way to turn a home sick camper into a pop star in less than a minute. Prior to this camp season, I never realized how something so simple could really make a difference.

I experience God this summer during devotional circles in our cabins. During this time, we established a sense of family and trust within the cabin. During each session our campers shared with us how their faith impacts their lives. They shared their obstacles, their achievements and their goals. Here is where I saw God’s most precious creations, these children, become empowered and confident. 

Camp was like a bubble for this kids; a bubble filled with s’mores, new friends, and fun. These kids look forward to the next camp season all year long, as do I. I cannot wait for the next camp season, until then I will be practicing my singing! 

-By Stephany Turcios

Camp Counselor/Arts and Crafts Leader

Song time

Song time