Working as a counselor here at Camp DeWolfe has been a truly unforgettable experience. I loved  the opportunity to experience  the American way of life and to explore the culture. Any slight difference between the cultures always amazed me! I have met so many new people and made new friends from all over the world, from as far away as Australia and from as close as the UK.

During the five weeks of camp there have been uncountable highlights but I have particularly enjoyed watching the campers grow and build friendships with one another. Many of them come to camp feeling shy and overwhelmed but when they leave they are brimming with confidence and have huge smiles on their faces. Its a great feeling when you challenge a camper to try something new and at the end of the day they tell you that they have succeeded in your challenge. All the kids have so much potential, they sometimes just need someone to believe in them to help them take that first step.

The sense of community here at Camp DeWolfe is phenomenal. I have witnessed God through this amazing community, in the way that everyone interacts, looks out for and welcomes one another. Our daily Christian formation programme became a highlight for the campers, they especially enjoyed the opportunity to worship God. The joy experienced by all whilst worshipping God was immense. Finally, I loved  the camp emphasis on appreciating nature. We spent everyday outdoors, rain or shine. There is no better way to see how awesome God is than to spend your days outdoors in his breath taking creation.

My summer here at Camp DeWolfe has been a real adventure and I have loved every minute of it! I have grown so much simply by being here. Thank you so much Camp DeWolfe!

-By Rachael McSparron

Camp Counselor/Lifeguard

Rachael the Lifeguard

Rachael the Lifeguard