Why go or send your child to a christian camp? This is an important question. Christian camping has many advantages.

Leaving friends and family can be hard, but the rewards will outweigh any sadness. Christian camp gets you out of your everyday life and away from the distractions of tv, phone, and activities that pull us away from God. Many times we miss hearing God speak to us because we have too many distractions and are busy with everyday life. When there is time away and a christian environment, a relationship with God can be nurtured and developed. Decisions for Christ can be made that will that will make an impact on the rest of a camper’s life. Camp is not just about getting away for fun. It is about growing in the Lord.

As children and adults, God wants us to move out of our comfort zones and trust Him. Camp is a great place to do this. It immerses you in new experiences, people, and opportunities. You can find direction and support for your life through the counsel of trained leaders and counselors.

Some of the most important and life changing decisions in people’s lives have been made at camp. A daily devotional time, surrender to God, salvation, and a passion for lost souls are just a few of the ways God speaks to people at camp.

Emotional, physical, and spiritual revival make camp an important experience.Memories will be made that last a lifetime. Self esteem is given a boost. Leadership and goal setting is encouraged. New friendships and character can be built  in a safe environment. Opportunities to try new adventures in a natural setting are provided. You are brought close to the creation God has made. These are just a few advantages of christian camping.

As a camper and worker at a christian camp, I have had my life changed and impacted. I encourage you to make this summer memorable and life changing.

Go on a retreat, family camp or send your children to camp. If you don’t have any children at home, consider sponsoring a child’s or family’s way to camp through your church or a camp.

Make christian camping a priority this summer!

-by Lois Graham

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