Posts made in July, 2014

Discovering Passover

Posted on Jul 25, 2014 in Camp Blog, Searchable

Several years ago a close friend of mine gathered people together to eat a Passover meal. He came from a Jewish-Italian family and wanted to share this tradition that played a significant part in communicating his religious history. He spent the day carefully selecting and cooking dishes and arranging them on the table in an act of labor and love. When it came time to eat, I remember loving how it involved so many fascists of learning: the strong flavors and aromas, textures, and history and prayers accompanied by tactile objects. It helped me engage in the story of the Israelites being led...

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Discovery Camp: Listening to God

Posted on Jul 18, 2014 in Camp Blog

  A couple nights ago I was excited to introduce our campers to one of my favorite spiritual practices: prayer journaling. I told them that they could talk to God through writing about their days, feelings, things they needed, and concerns about loved ones. In fact, they could write about anything, knowing that it is a sacred and respectful place between themselves and God. They selected a colorful piece of paper, wrapped it around white pages, and stapled the sheets together. Then they decorated the outsides of their books with their names and designs, and spent a little time talking to...

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Explorer Camp – God With Us- Words by our Christian Formation Leader- Christina

Posted on Jul 10, 2014 in Camp Blog, Searchable

I started chocking up before camp even began. During check-ins I was assigned the nurse’s station, where I greeted families and  called them in one-by-one to make sure they were healthy and ready for their summer activities. One camper, Noah, came up to me with a bright smile on his face. I asked him what he was excited about this year and he said enthusiastically, “Everything.” Then in a thoughtful voice he added, “I just feel so safe here.” I was completely caught off guard, a feeling I’ve had continually this week as our first round of kids amaze me with their hearts and...

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Welcome Explorer Campers 2014!

Posted on Jul 7, 2014 in Camp Blog, Searchable, Uncategorized

What a great opening day at Camp DeWolfe where we welcomed our 2014 Explorer Camp Campers and their families!  All the kids were filled with excitement as counselors greeted them to their cabins. It was off to the swimming pool when they said their goodbyes to their parents and a great meal made by the Dining Hall Team to warm their stomachs for a full night of fun and rest.  Campfire marshmallow roasting and night time prayer and devotions all settled them in for a bright and fun day of greeting our Day Campers today! The whole Camp DeWolfe community wants to welcome all children and thank...

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The Adventure Begins- By Christina Miller, Christian Formation Leader

Posted on Jul 4, 2014 in Camp Blog, Searchable, Uncategorized

The Adventure Begins…… I am always surprised by the places God takes me. This summer, I have been invited into the Camp DeWolfe community to co-direct Christian Formation. As a seminary graduate discerning my vocational path, I couldn’t believe this job existed. While the position should have been filled months ago, a week before camp began they had an unexpected opening, I interviewed, was hired, and my journey began. Arriving at Camp DeWolfe is entering into an oasis. My taxi wound through the surrounding neighborhood, burrowed in trees that shade stately houses. As we...

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