Posts made in October, 2015

Discerning Growth

Posted on Oct 27, 2015 in Camp Blog, Searchable

During the last day or two of a session, the word “growth” is thrown around a lot. This growth we talk about isn’t always referring to the physical growth, such as being able to swim a lap in the pool, but spiritual and mental growth. We ask the campers to look inward to determine if their faith, values, sense of self has changed from move in day, to the closing ceremony. During our closing ceremony as counselors for summer 2015, it was time for us to think about our own growth, something we as counselors have not had to do yet. How do you really know if you have grown? There isn’t...

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A Year Later

Posted on Oct 17, 2015 in Camp Blog, Searchable

I had come away from summer camp 2014 wanting more and counting down the days until I could sign up as a returner.. But I was torn between studying/working or coming back for another summer.. And so it was late December that I finally decided to come back and spend another summer in the states! This year at camp has been a little different from the last, as I stepped up my roles with the new camp activities, such as instructing paddle boarding, drama classes and small group for the counselors. I’ve loved having this opportunity to experience leading the new activities, being responsible...

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Meet the 2016 Summer Staff – Part 1

Posted on Oct 11, 2015 in Camp Blog, Searchable

1. What’s your name? – Danielle Topham 2. Where are you from? – Lancashire, England 3. What university/school do you attend? What major? I’m studying Primary Education at Leeds Beckett University, so I’ll be a qualified teacher when I graduate. 4. What’s your favorite Country/state? Hmm…this is hard! There’s no place like home, but I love traveling and I have great memories from holidays in lots of countries, such as Cyprus and Majorca, but my favorite was definitely Florida! 5. What’s your favorite camp activity and why? I enjoy creative activities such as baking...

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Life’s about the Journey not the Destination

Posted on Oct 7, 2015 in Camp Blog, Searchable

My time spent at camp has got be one of the best experiences ever. During the first few days of orientation and staff training, I had no idea of what to expect at Camp, but to my anticipation it was well worth it and exceeded my expectation. During my time at Camp DeWolfe, I made some life-long friendships that can never be replaced.Camp De Wolfe’s vision is to support spiritual formation, by providing a natural setting for people to engage in community and I believe in my heart that my purpose and that vision was definitely fulfilled. Experiencing God in a natural setting was different...

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